Food and meat products

Welcome to Dilmen Foods

The Dilmen Foods market opened in 2011 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We are constantly evolving, based on the solid foundation of the family experience gained by three generations of butchers. All meat products offered in the store are prepared in accordance with Islamic rules. We work with companies producing the highest quality food products. Our vision is to serve our customers with a smile. Thanks to our customers, the range of products we offer is expanding with each passing day. From 2017 we offer burgers with the brand "Dilmen Burgers" and sausage with the brand "Chef Mahmut Sousages" - 100% natural.

Dilmen Burgers

Dilmen burgers "Dilmen Foods" offers Dilmen burgers to the attention of its customers, with the high quality of meat and services typical for our market. For the first time in Bulgaria, natural "halal" burgers are offered in frozen packaging, which preserve their fresh taste and you can consume them whenever you want. One burger is about 100 g and can be purchased at will. As with all our other products, burgers are made entirely from Dilmen Foods, without any preservatives. Wishing you healthy days. Bon appetit.

Master Mahmut's sausage

Master Mahmut's sujuk This delicious adventure begins with the kneading of special 100% beef used by Dilmen Foods for the production of sujuk, and fats and spices supplied from the best regions of Bulgaria. After kneading, the mixture stays for 24 hours so that the meat absorbs the aroma of the spices well. During kneading, any remnants of cartilage, bones and veins are removed, which guarantees an extremely pleasant taste when consuming the finished sausage. As our sausage does not contain any harmful artificial additives, its appearance and color can vary, its shape can change, it can dry out, and when cut it crumbles. All this is due to its extremely natural composition. Soak the sausage in lukewarm water for a while, after which you can safely and happily consume Mahmut Usta sujuk - Master Mahmut.